“Will you be there?” opens on Apr 27

”WILL YOU BE THERE” starring KIM Yoon-suk, BYUN Yo-han and CHAE Seo-jin, opens theatrically in Hong Kong on April 27th 2017.While on a humanitarian mission in Cambodia, older Soo-hyun (KIM Yoon-suk) saves a baby’s life and receives 10 mysterious pills from an elderly man in return. Out of curiosity, Soo-hyun takes a pill then falls asleep. When he wakes up, he comes face to face with his younger self of 30 years in the past.

Younger Soo-hyun (BYUN Yo-han) is happy and in love with his long-time girlfriend, Yeon-a (CHAE Seo-jin). One day, he helps a man who is fallen in the streets. Later, the man claims that he is himself from the future. Dumfounded, Soo-hyun sees the evidence that the man shows him and falls deeper into confusion and chaos.