Korean Air presents Bibimbap at ITB2017 Berlin

Korean Air, South Korea’s flagship carrier, once again brought its famous bibimbap to Berlin for the international tourism trade fair ITB 2017. Korean Air’s signature inflight meal bibimbap was previously showcased at ITB 2013, where it attracted a long queue of visitors, keen to sample the award-winning dish.

Bibimbap is a rice dish cooked with a variety of vegetables, either slightly blanched or stir-fried, mixed with meat, a sunny-side-up egg, and a slightly spicy red chili paste. The dish is widely recognized for its healthy eating properties.

At ITB event, traditional Korean Air chefs demonstrated cooking how to cook bibimbap. The chefs also explained the origins of the dish and how the different colors of the ingredients represent harmony.

Selected visitors were given the chance to participate in the cookery demonstration, mixing all the ingredients, under the chef’s supervision.

Korean Air prepared 800 bowls of Bibimbap for the show, with the airline’s flight attendants serving them to the audience. The airline’s booth at the event was so popular the food ran out in less than an hour!

Korean Air has received much acclaim for the bibimbap it serves on onboard and has been awarded the prestigious Mercury Award from the International Flight Catering Association (IFCA). Korean Air’s bibimbap has been showcased at renowned world travel fairs around the world, including Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris and Madrid and has helped raise world awareness of authentic Korean food.

Korean Air puts a strong emphasis on the quality of its specialty bibimbap dish and indeed on all inflight meals. Korean Air is the world’s only airline to own and operate its own farm, the eco-friendly Jedong Ranch located on the picturesque slopes of Mount Hallasan on Jeju Island. The airline cultivates vegetables and farms beef and chicken, that are used for inflight meals.