Jeonbuk Tour Pass has been officially launched


Travelers will be able to enjoy Jeollabuk-do with just one simple card, the Jeonbuk Tour Pass!

Jeonbuk Tour Pass works like a free admission tour pass that offers tourists access to approximately 60 tourist attractions and 30 public parking lots. Jeonbuk Tour Pass also offers discount opportunities on accommodations, restaurants, shopping centers, experience centers, etc.

Jeonbuk Tour Pass can be purchased in a form of a card or a mobile ticket. The card pass is divided into a tour type, which provides free admission to tour attractions and facilities, and a transportation type, which includes free public transportation services and use of public parking lot along with the free admission. Each type comes in an option of 1-day Pass, 2-day Pass, 3-day Pass, or Hanok Village Pass.

As limitations and restrictions may apply, it is recommended to check detailed information at the official website below.

Jeonbuk Tour Pass

Period: From February 15, 2017
Purchasable Location: At over approx. 40 Tourist Information Centers in Jeollabuk-do
Price: (Based on 1-Day Pass) Card (Tour type) 8,300 won / Card (Transportation Type) 12,900 won / Mobile (Tour Type) 6,900 won
* Prices may differ according to pass forms and types. / Card (Transportation type) is currently unavailable.
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)