About Festive Korea


About Festive Korea

Festive Korea, organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong in collaboration with the Consulate General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea and the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR, has attracted over millions of audiences since it was first launched in 2011.

The Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong was established this year, marking the 32nd of its kind in the world. For its 8th anniversary, Festive Korea presents the theme of a “new beginning”, as the richer line-up of performances and exhibitions are making their debut in Hong Kong.

Outstanding performing groups and top artists will present remarkable programs to Hong Kong audience. Along with many other wonderful events, there will be a concert of the world- renowned Korean National Ballet, and Korean traditional music and dance will be performed by the Korea National University of Arts in collaboration with The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts of the two regions.

Festive Korea heightens the appreciation and enjoyment of Korean art and culture in diverse genres, such as traditional arts, contemporary dance, musical, classical and pop music, cinema and food, while presenting an impressive cultural feast to Hong Kong audience.

Welcome Message

I am delighted to announce the official opening of the 8th Festive Korea. Since it’s opening in Hong Kong from 2011, the popularity of Korean culture has reached an unprecedented level. With fans all around the world, the “Korean Wave” has been diversified. They now have a wide array of sectors in Korean food, language, beauty products, exhibitions and performances. With this popularity being said, 658 thousand tourists from Hong Kong have visited Korea last year and 1.4 million Koreans sought to choose Hong Kong for their vacation site. This proves that culture is being served as a mean of communication and exchange among the nations of the world.

The Korean culture center in Hong Kong was established this year as remarking the 32nd of its kind in the world. Festive Korea host a wide variety of programs, over 34 kinds, including performances, art exhibitions, movie screenings for family audiences that plans to extend to Macao this year, Korean food events and many others are to be held. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the programs greatly.

I look forward to this festival to serve as a platform for the cultural bridge between the Korea and Hong Kong. We are delighted to welcome you at our newest Cultural Center. To conclude, I would like to bring my remarks by expressing my gratitude to the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, organizations that are contributing for the events, and to the generous sponsors, for their invaluable support for the holding of the 8th Festive Korea.

Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong
Ambassador Kim Weon-Jin


Korea is festive by definition for we have never seen a society so joyous simply to be. This vibrant spirit has captured the rest of the world which marvels at the resiliency and resourcefulness of the Korean to prevail over every challenge, social, political, industrial and geopolitical but not overcoming the obstacles rather improving themselves from each experience.

— Timothy T T Fok, Member of the International Olympic Committee

The Hong Kong Arts Development Council has just signed a memorandum of understanding on cultural cooperation with the Arts Council Korea in September, and the two sides have formally established a close working relationship. We look forward to further exchanges with the Korean counterparts and will jointly strive to show the cultural scene of Asia to the world!

— Dr. Wilfred Wong, SBS, J Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has always been a staunch supporter of cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and Korea. I look forward to broader and fuller collaboration with Korea in future

— Tsang Tak Sing, former Secretary for Home Affairs of Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region